Menu of Our Services

  1. Management Consulting Services
    • Management Diagnosis, Assistance for Management Control
    • Corporate Planning, Financial Planning
    • Assistance for Marketing and Sales Promotion
    • Technology Transfer and Assistance for Exporting Products

  2. Overseas Consulting
    • Consulting related to ODA projects such as JICA and so on.
    • Assistance for Quality and productivity improvement to the Japanese local subsidiaries and/or local industries
    • Representative office services for foreign public institutions in Japan
    • Reaearch on business chance of ofreign markets
    • Performance assessment of Japanese local subsidiaries

  3. Production of New Businesses
    • Assistance for new business development
    • Assistance for management innovation and supporting activities for applying public subsidies acquisition
    • Assistnace for Japanese companies to advance to foreign markets
    • Assistance for Japanese local subidiaries for local business matching

  4. Human Resources Development
    • Seminars and Training
      (Management Control, Financial control, Maketing, Quality Control, Production Control, Human resources control and etc.)
    • Assistance of human resources development and training
    • Seminars and training for local staff members and workers
    • Introduction of human resources and support for dispatch