We are a Consultancy Firm organized by ambitious-minded and fully experienced experts in various fields of global business skills, knowledge and kow-hows which Japanese Governent requires and offers as Official Development Assistance (ODA) to the developing countries ll over the world.

Our research and technical assistance services have expanded to the wide areas of the world such as Africa, South-east Asia, Middle-South America, East Europe, Middle-Asia, Middle East.

We have offered broad range of services as the following:
(1) Research and study activities, in the field of social development, economics, enterprises, education and etc.
(2) Business activities diagnosis and improvement assistance
(3) Practical operational improvement activities such as Kaizen and 5S

We have also extended our fields of business activites within Japan in order to provide reliable and helpful assistance to the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which intend to develop markets and/or to establish manufacturing works in foreign countries such as Mongol, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and etc.

Our staff members are all fully experienced, knowledgeable, dynamic, efficient and effective – in a word, RELIABLE!

Please feel free to contact us.

President Yuzo Serita